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          Please reconsider your precious place in this great Universe and your 
special abilities to bring healing, openness and respect for the extraordinary 
efforts of China, her leadership and especially her people. It is hard to know 
the act of conscience that must be made when our knowledge of other events are 
distracting our course. Did we not say this would make a historically 
significant difference in our world's and her leaders' willingness to cooperate 
with one another? Is it no longer worthy of this effort after we've persuaded 
China to be part of our worlds and allow us to participate in hers?

          There are much greater issues at stake than a moment's stand against a 
brutality in Tibet that has occurred (Nepal et al.) At the cost of boycotting 
the Olympiad and the opening ceremonies, no change can be made in the manner our 
friends in China choose to handle their difficulties. We can only hope to make 
that difference by standing with them in their time of pride and willingness to take their place beside us and us beside them. 

To Shun The Chinese People and Their Efforts - Is Wrong. 

To Degrade The Proceedings Of The Opening Ceremonies in order to make a very 
small unworthy social statement  - Is Wrong.

To Place Our Athletes From Every Country Into This Difficult Choice and Allow 
Leaders To Use This Olympiad In This Manner - Is Wrong.

It is Wrong because the cost is too high and we will never have the position to 
help our country's leaders to better ways of handling these difficult kinds of 
situations like Tibet's desire for independence. Together as we stand with China 
as a member nation of the larger world and celebrate with her the showcasing of 
a nation that has been cloistered rather than included, we make possible many 
solutions that may be negotiated in every moment ahead of us. Shunning and 
boycotting and shaming a nation, any nation at a vulnerable moment of 
well-deserved national pride certainly creates a hideous path rather than a 
smooth clean one. 

          For we are all, honestly living on one dead rock floating in an infinity of 
unknowns throughout our Universe and our time in history. Please make the way 
clear to do all that you can to reconsider these choices in light of greater - 
much greater things. 

Thank you,
Ever Your Friend,
Cricket Diane C Phillips

Please let our national leadership in Poland, France and all other member 
nations of this viewpoint as I know you are able. At least, they will know more 
than one short-sighted perspective on the matter and have the opportunity to 
make better choices. Thanks again.