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PRESENTED TO  ______________________________________________

By:  The Official Working Member of the intelligentsia international ( USA delegation )

chairman and field coordinator –     Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, lifetime member
(Known also as – Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips [Bouchard Lewis Hogg]  (PHILLIPS)

( – and probably names better left unmentioned here all things considered . . .  )

This is to officially certify and qualify member ______________________________

to be hereafter considered an official and fully sanctioned member of the ILLUMINATI

COUNCIL by appointment and necessity as of this date:   ______________________

By the jurisdiction and authority vested in me, Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, I do hereby ascertain to the best of my ability and qualifications that there remains no just cause to exclude this new member from full participation in all activities required and necessary for the greater good of all mankind and the greater UNIVERSE.

Attested to fact, this date:  __________________, by new member and initial, year.

ATTESTED to in fact, on this date:      040108 – USAX1 – USA1 (CD_USA1)

Thankyou for your participation – The SECRET HANDSHAKE will be along shortly.

Authorized by CRICKET DIANE C PHILLIPS _ 04/01/08 – USAX1 – USA1 – 2008