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“You just do have to get (there)

here from there

You just do have to get (here)

there from here.

(and always the twain shall meet.)”

–  Cricket Diane C Phillips “sparky” 2008 quote of the day for 04/01/08

Anyone anywhere anytime for any and all reasons, good or otherwise that sells these Official Documents of the Illuminati Council, the Official or any other kind of Intelligentsia International and / or INTELLIGENTSIA USA and / or INTELLIGENTSIA / ILLUMINATIS / ILLUMINATI / I’LLUMINATIS documents, cards, etc. for more $1.00USD that is, (one dollar, US) owes me the rest. So you might as well send it to me over at my PayPal acct at dianecphillips@comcast.net and save us all the bother and expense of the US and International Court Systems.  Thanx Bunches.

– (or you can make them available at 0 – that is, (no charge, trade or exchange of any kind for receipt of) and tell me later). but if they then sell them for more than $1.00USD – you better tell them to send me the rest or there we go again . . . courts, time, money, waste and what fun is that.

—>   Pick one   <—  (or both)

Copyright 2008 USA, INTERNATIONAL – WIPO – 2008 Cricket Diane C Phillips, USA

Submitted 04/08/01 – 2008 Cricket Diane C Phillips, UNITED STATES – INTNL