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These letters by email and post on site have been sent to our power leaders in the Congress, Democratic Party Leadership and Republican Policy Makers / Party Leadership.

They were sent on 3-30-08 and 3-31-08. The motivation is that people might thrive and that our systems might endure these difficult and tenuous economic crises.

Please consider them in the public domain to relay at will anywhere you might believe they could do some good. Our Senate and House of Representatives cannot continue to deadlock these processes. The two parties policy making leadership are and have been over the course of recent history like two great rams with their horns locked in tests of will. It has and continues to block, undermine and deadlock the creative processes of government, legislating solutions to real life, real time, real world problems and enacting those solutions in any reasonable form that will work.

There is a very basic need for literacy on a massive scale among our most trusted leaders in every sector including our most educated professionals. An application of their knowledge, understanding and educated abilities had been assumed as an available asset. Apparently it is not so in numerous cases as evidenced by recent events and their interpretations by grievously inaccurate applications of knowledge among vast multitudes of educated  experts ,  professionals , and otherwise reasoned and intelligent institutions and individuals.

This literacy must be added to our overall populations, leadership, educated professions and others in similar positions of intellectual opinion leadership and applied knowledge resources. It is critical to organize the complex information and work with it in any intelligent manner both for analysis, understanding and for the approaches of change that must be accomplished quickly.

This is not business as usual –

attaching ANY riders to these economic reforms will waste time and create more
backroom politics & deadlock.

STOP IT   —–       don’t even go there    —–

The United States businesses will all be sellers and there will have been no
buyers for three quarters – if you delay these reforms into application by a
year or more. . .

Don’t kid yourselves that it won’t matter. Look around – the world markets won’t
be buyers either. What part of this doesn’t make sense to you?

Please relay this to your party leadership that is choosing the policies and
practices in this mess.

Thank you,

Cricket Diane C Phillips, 2008
Cricket House Studios – USAX1 – USA1