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Cricket Diane C Phillips Quote of the Day –

“There was a reporter that kept saying ‘working class’ and something about candidates appealing to ‘working class’ – okay. That is one way to look at it –  we don’t have a ‘class’ system in America – they do in the history of India and feudal societies of forever ago and in Britain at one point in history – but not ever in the United States. But, okay – if that is what our candidates think, and leaders, and business people, and white collar folks, and experts, and university faculties, and well, but wait . . .

From what I’ve seen of the spirit of inventiveness, resourcefulness and power in the American people – they are just rich people that haven’t happened yet.”

“___and when they get good and doggone ready – look out cause there will be treasures appearing out of everywhere you look – things you’ve never even dreamed of imagining yet, that people have been working on here and there and – well – you’ve never seen anything like it – I can’t wait, either – it’s like Christmas all over the place! ________”

–  quote from Cricket Diane C Phillips, 2008 USA1