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America –

I know that you are angry and hurting and disappointed and frustrated and as scared in all this as I am. I do know how it feels but stop being so alone in all of this because where once you only had limited resources to handle it – now you have many as we are all in this together.

Long ago and far away from here, the resources were put into place to help each and every one of us when these times came upon us. They are here now – resources and hope and skill sets and knowledge, understanding, wisdom, common sense, innovative applications of good sense and intelligence in real-life, real-time, real-world difficulties.

We can share with one another these resources to become familiar with fly-by-wire, thinking-on-you-feet resourcing and problem-solving. We can do it together . . .

Boycotts of great significance can be made with care in some applications but in light of the dynamics inherent in a much larger picture as we have now – a boycott of the Olympics or trucking service corridors are small stands to IMPACT GREAT HARM that will last for centuries. The purpose of boycott is to create positive change and force that to be considered.

These current boycotts do not do that. They are not made to create positive change nor to force it to be considered.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 04/01/08