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2008 Cricket Diane C Phillips

03/30/08 ATL1 – GA1 – USA1

1.  Creativity

Yes, innovation & creative, open-process thinking is very important

+   people facts  =

Can sometimes help & sometimes hinder

psychologists call these ego factors and motivations / or motivators in their writings and have extensive studies that explain these internal motivating factors.

helpful                                                                    hinders


“I’ve got to sign that.”                                                “You can’t have it till I sign it.”


“Papers & information in Agencies A-Z” are needed in a timely manner throughout the system.”





“They’re not getting any thing from our office till we have had enough time & resources to do it the way we want it.”


Helpful –  

“I know they need the figures, data, information, raw numbers available to them yesterday. I’ll get them to all departments, agencies and places where they are needed & then we can do our stuff with them.”




“They can just wait till we’re done with these numbers and finished using this raw data & information in our department before any of them get their hands on any of it – & that will be when they get it.”


NOTE _ from Cricket for our government and businesses across America. /03/30/08/.