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On States’ Rights –

2008 Cricket Diane C Phillips

Cricket House Studios –
Atlanata Zoo Group USAX1

The problem with complete decentralization of our US regulations, strokes of genius, governance, Federally enforced compliances with our US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Federal law, regulations and precepts is that in the name of States’ rights and authority – it has created empires that are being run as sovereign entities – namely kings and their kingdoms under whatever ruling class structure is in existence there. They can be exercised as socialist entities, autocratic / monopolies / monarchies, communist entities, capitalist or non-capitalist models, oligarchies, entrenched church states (ie such as in the days of the Inquisition) or whatever the ruling class favors.

The reigns of power can be and are being exercised in ways unequaled in the history of America without justice, without ethics, without reason, without recourse to the majority of the population under their rule and under their foot. There is the use, mis-use and abuse of authority untempered by any measure of educated reason, compassion, just application of the law, just allowances of freedoms and just, even-handed availability of our assured rights from the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. They may as well have never been signed – the ways things are being done in the kingdoms of our States.

“States Rights implies that the State in whatever form has greater significance than our individual or common good – that it exists as a sovereign entity unto itself. This has made separate ‘countries’ and kingdoms out of each and every US State, Territory and Commonwealth. The uneven, unjust and unequaled distribution of power and corrupt application of the intent and letter of the laws of the United States, the inherent rights of each and every individual citizen supported by the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution, and the Laws and Will of the People of the United States of America – [the uneven, unjust and inequality of application of power and corrupt application of the intent and letter of our laws and precepts] has created situations, circumstances and environments where cruelty, oppression, tyranny, lack of freedom, poverty, forced socialism, lack of economic access to better one’s life, denial of rights and denial of education and voice are rampant and commonplace.

This means, in practice that each, any and even most States can exercise tyranny, oppression, aristocratic rule, denial of the application, letter and intent of the laws of the United States of America, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States, unequal applications of the law, rights, justice and access to resources, practice favoritism and nepotism, exercise extensive self-serving applications of power and profit-taking, and a host of other things.

Generally the States’ powerful individuals, families, their friends and their favored businesses stand on the backs of the American people to do it. And, we each and every one of us are paying for it to be done that way by supporting the tax base that feeds it, by not doing something about it and by accepting that E-Amercia – America is supposed to be this way for the new century.

Now – I want to know – who said this is the right way to do it – The churches? The pastors? The Vatican? The Republican party demigods that sit in the background, make and enforce policy? The Democratic demigods that sit in the background, make and enforce policy? The socialists? The conservatives – the right wingers – right to lifers – the make everybody do it the way we all do it bunch? Or was it the loosey-goosey left wingers – liberals – everybody have a free party on America and do anything you want bunch? Was it some individual intelligentsia’s idea out of our Ivy League lifetime wannabees? clubs or who? Somebody check on this and see what ideot – idea idiot – decided our freedoms and rights were just about too much trouble to take seriously and distribute evenly to each and every one of us!

I don’t know how many people in America had a family relation or two or fifteen or more fight in the Civil War and the American Revolutionary War at this point. And I don’t know how many individuals in the United States of America today had someone in their family somewhere in the past fight for whatever country and freedom from wherever they have ancestry -but I do know a couple things for absoluted assurety.

1. I do have these ancestors and forefathers of America in my flooding bloodlines about 14 ways to Sunday and IT DOES MATTER that our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence along with other documents and writings sealed with the hands of blood that fought for them are honored – are supported – are enforced – are used appropriately – and – are applied evenly and justly.


2. I do know the price of slavery, oppression and tyranny because I have experienced within my own lifetime and experienced it at the cruelty of its hands in person – not as an idea from 400 years ago – but now – this lifetime – in my own home beaten, bruised, passed all recognition of decency oppressed into slavery by events and people’s applications and abuse of their power that is and was beyond my control. It is not an intellectual discussion – there are no warning shots being fired – this is the sword of truth that nearly every woman and child knows in the country of the United States of America today.

Economic destitution and deprivation, abuse of power in the hands of the most unrighteous and unmerciful of unimaginable cruelties – we’ve experience it this lifetime and frankly – I’ve had enough of the lies that has allowed it to continue somewhere – anytime and anywhere in America even today.