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How do I determine the difference between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”?
©2008 Cricket Diane C Phillips, 03/25/08 Atlanta, GA, USAx1

First of all, I just count all of us as bad and then I don’t have to sort it out. So, I consider the more important applicable problems at hand.

Second of all, I work with a few absolutes =

1. this time, every time.
2. [(0) zero tolerance & (0) trust] – we work together in that frame of reference always on all matters & areas of interest.
3. I shoot you – you shoot me, we both lose.
4. Open hand policy – Open Hands – Open Books – anytime, anywhere, any reason; both, either, and all sides
5. Or NOGO –> we all back away slowly and go do something else. And, we weren’t here.

“ these are the key elements.”

–> Invite Only } “You do not want to go in there. –
Invitation Only { – Fart Zone Extraordinaire!!!”
Priveté }

When I need to work with people that I don’t know which is – usually _______ – I keep in mind these specific facts. First off, as said above, I make the educated guess that everyone is bad and then don’t concern myself with it.

Which ones believe they have a really, really good “excuses set” for acting in evil and inhumane ways? Usually that is a group which includes people doing evil in the name of some righteousness they believe offers them a “get out of jail free” card even though their actions have an extremely inhumane, cruel and often very unfair and unjustified negative impact on the lives they encounter. And, that group seems to always include a smaller number of people who really are not ever going to give a damn because they are mad at everybody anyways and these are the ones that will shoot you where you stand simply in light of the fact you were there and they had nothing more interesting to do that day.

What I’ve noticed in practical application is that none of those are the “good guys” but a great number of authorities believe that groups of these individuals represent a necessary evil to accomplish certain unpleasant things.

When it is me in a situation, I personally, don’t care. “They” are all bad and that is a fact because none have measured up to the Creator’s manufacturer’s suggestions and I am among that group, too. So, I better watch my own step and see what I have to bring to the table.

Besides, being one of the “good guys” or “bad guys” simply does not excuse bad behavior, bad thinking, poor choices and acting the fool. It will never be an okay choice to be inhumane to another human regardless of your or my affiliations, ideas, excuses, rationales, concepts of justices, fears, anger, upbringing, deprivations or the past injustices we’ve borne and been subjugated to endure. These just don’t measure up in light of some several greater Truths.

First, is we die alone. We stand in the face of the Universe and in that moment, regardless of our beliefs and our love of God or anything else – We walk into that threshold without one single human being to enter there with us. That ultimately is what matters.

Second, no one and I do mean no one can know all the moments, views and experiences of our lives in the way we lived them and experienced them. In this moment of time, we – each and every one of us, walk inside an eternity of time, experiences, perceptions, interpretations, vantage points and experiential realities. There is no human way to see and experience the same set of facts, realities, perceptions or vantage points as even the person standing right beside us is experiencing concurrently with us within the same unfolding field of events. Which is valid? All of it is and necessary and equal in importance. In practical terms – no two people can even see and experience the same rainbow is absolutely accurate – that is what spares us the delusion of qualified justifications to support reality as we see fit. As we agree it is so – does not make it so. The facts objectively and quantitatively discerned are still the facts whatever they are and that is all that matters on this.

Third, a time will come when I need you – it doesn’t matter who you are. Those “good” and “bad” guy affiliations, intentional choices and habits of excesses are not my burden to bear. They are yours and I know it’s a lot to work with no matter which way it swings.

Fourth, as a very basic and practical matter – no way that even the most “evil” good guy just trying to get a good collar gets to play by a loosely interpreted set of rules. No way does a bad guy having done evil things get to use that as a good and reasoned excuse for continuing those behaviors, habits and choices just because they’ve done it that way before and it worked fine, enough.

No —> that is enough. The truth is those and other interesting groups of information are only valuable to know within a practical application of circumstances, project achievement, goal realization or in some situational happenstances that we have found ourselves together experiencing.

Then what? Am I honestly going to say you can keep your old cup of water when I’m dying of thirst because I don’t like you? Or, because I know you’re one of the “good guys” that just damn near beat me to a pulp to get a confession that didn’t exist? Or, because you are the “bad guy” that made me watch you kill my best and dearest friends torturing each of them cruelly and inhumanely for hours and hours unmercifully?

Shall I really hold any of you or me accountable for what we’ve mangled, bungled, neglected to do, failed to do, ineptly mucked up, cruelly defiled, or just plainly and intentionally screwed? When I too stand in that place with you? Well, of course I am. Everyone of us has been created wonderfully by a Maker Extraordinaire. That is a fact. Each one of us have deceived ourselves into believing our way was better or more desirable than following the manufacturer’s instructions on our human equipment. We may as well know that all-encompassing fact set about ourselves and each one around us. That it was likely and in all probability, not the “only” choice on the menu when we made those questionable decisions is also a fact. That means we could have done something else or done it in a very different way and at the time, we each chose something else. Also, a fact of each & every one of us. Useful info to know and to have at the front of my mind at all times.

So, how do I judge it? What skill sets do you bring to the table, no matter who you are or where you have come from? That’s all I want to know about that. If we need some killing done, we’ll let you know – so, hold that thought, and lest we forget, we are all in this together – what do you bring to the table? I try to put stuff outside – but, you know occasionally, even I kill some stuff – roaches, everytime, spiders, sometimes – any killing to be done – I know some houses that have more roaches that need killing than you can run from – wherever there’s a grocery – get some bait traps and go to killing them. It is all in how, when and the appropriateness of the application. Every skill set always serves useful purposes when applied in the right measure and the right time. Killing just to kill is about studies in stupid. There is a single snap pea that can be placed on a wood post and 20 yards to do some target practice. The rest of that is mostly a waste of time – there are no replacement parts for human beings at discount retail stores or malls – don’t waste what you can’t replace, fix or re-create.

There you go – How I just go along with what is available and work with it is simple – I start with the real facts, I double check, confirm, recheck, verify and check them again. Then, I bring them to the table and see what resources will be needed to work with these real facts to move toward and achieve desired results and goals for them. After that, I just start looking around for what needs doing and who is available to help do it. I’ve noticed over many years of problem solving this way that – if I get on top of a mountain and start shoveling dirt, sooner or later someone will come by that won’t help. It is that simple. So, I shovel some more and fling some more dirt down the side of the mountain. Usually about the second or third time through, people still won’t help but they will have something snide and smartass to say. I hate that they had to work on it that long – but Oh WELL . . . Then, they still don’t help. It takes just a little while after that when they are bragging to their wives, girlfriends, bosses, other friends with some common sense or their moms and that’s about all she wrote. Here they come with shovels. And, that is generally more bossing than flinging dirt and usually it isn’t me getting to tell how to do it cause I’m usually busy doing it while they decide how to go about it in the best way possible and hang their chins on the ends of their shovels resting on their crossed hands – studying on it> yep … studying on how to get it done – generally assigning themselves as boss and arguing while I’m still flinging dirt down the hill a shovel at a time.

Then, I start working with others and I do mean everybody everywhere I can reach which is up, down, sideways, around and out and everywhere to apply these skills sets into applications where it can do as much good as possible. What happens to the move the mountain project – I just go down and rent a bobcat and move the durn thing which is usually good cause otherwise we would all still be waiting from the rest of the team who is still deciding whose plan they like the best. Once the hard part is done, it is usually easy to delegate the rest of the job to every one as they see fit – which in a very practical sense is the only way I know for people to get excited about accomplishing it. If I have no voice – I get a bit “feet in the mud” about helping, too. So, I know how it is.

We all have a stake in this – we all have a vested interest that is in extreme peril or the projects would have never come across my desk. I’m usually on the last bat out of hell cruise and if there is one team going into that mess because some situation, person, project or group has already slid slap into hell and it’s become impossible any other way – I’m usually looking around and notice I’ve ended up in the middle of hell working to fix it. I’ve come to the conclusion that is because I am only asked to participate at the point I can’t muck it up any worse than it already is – whether it is the toilet stopped up and overflowing or the chairman of the board’s daughter running off with some loser that is beating the crap out of her and won’t let her call home or get help.

There is where you’ll find me and most of the team members I know that come a’running. We ended up being called to clean it up, fix it up, work it out, remedy the situation, get them help, get it done, do it, find a way, fix that mess, etc., etc., etc., etc., That’s the “Fat Bat Princess” Story and I’m sticking to it this time – crazy or not. Especially after today when our Georgia governor, Sonny Purdue made a comment to the news that went like this, “The cow is out of the barn,” and it had to do with some story about a crane accident or doing business with Alabama or I don’t know what. But, if that and the other “intellectuals” and intelligent people with doctors’ degrees in Georgia is about “it” on normal – I’m not impressed by their ability to get out of a paper box in a stagnant branch off the Mississippi, let alone trust them to identify crazy or not, accurately.

Rather than tell why I know way too much about the ignorance of our Georgia State Government systems in action – let me share this:

The Rules I Use That Work –


2. USE WHAT IS AT HAND – People, tools, ideas, resources, pathways, maps, instructions, data. Ask for help – see what it brings for availability of resources.

3. D.>R.>I.>V.>E.> —>


5. GO —-> get the hell, give ‘em hell, make hell into – “hello, can I get your hand please.” and, then fly like hell into something, somewhere else where its Safe, Healthy, Sanctioned & Helped. (Called the “SHSH –> Phase” named by our Mama’s Group.)

6. Report Status – check and review
Double check results, recheck status of all survivors’ lives, team members (dockets) and of their families’ general well-being, + recheck results & confirm.

7. GO HOME – (and pay attention for fallout & repercussions of job) – get some sleep, eat, work, relax, create, get some housework done, return tools to closets, file, sort paperwork into the report folders where they belong – write notes about items worthy of note and file, etc., etc., etc., etc. and usually I paint some art things, draw, work on some little inventions here and there, play music and stuff like that.

A quick note on the “good guy” – “bad guy” thing. There are times I can tell you, “don’t go that way” – and for whatever reason some people will go that way, regardless. I gave up trying to say, “do not stand there.” I quit explaining why to not stand there and inefficiency planning, determined it is more effective to just get the S.O.B. standing there to be somewhere else. Problem solved.

I like “problem solved.” My children know, “Only ask me what I can say ‘yes” to “cause I hate saying “No” – so just ask me the “yes” stuff and don’t do the whatever I would have to say ‘no’ when you do it.” Well, that worked for about 10 minutes one time, one day and then they thought it gave them license to kill. So, after I got the cat out of the tree where they climbed up with it to look at our roof where their frisbee landed, it seemed that a better way needed to be found.

Now, I’ve been using this other way with all kinds of things and noticed it – [not pretty good, but really, really good,] – does work.

It is called, “Hit The Ground Running” cause you not getting there before I do. No = No. )0( = )0( and 0 = 0. Zero = Zero. Same page, same book. (0 x 0) “x” number of times is still Zero. Not once, not maybe, not next time – This time every time, always, each and every and anytime.

Written by Cricket Diane C Phillips, 2008
03/25/08 ATL1 – GA / USAX1§ – United States – 2008