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 On Literacy For a New Day –
Written by Cricket Diane C Phillips, 2008

Atlanta, GA, USA/UXSA1

Okay – there used to be an expression “the buck stops here.” Well, today, the bull stops here.

The people who’ve held the keys to power, money, rules of the game and access had their turn.

– Now, its my turn.

These are the skill sets and facts you need:

1.  Don’t expect anybody to follow the rules because they won’t.

2.  What you know – you’ve got to know because you’ve tried it, worked with it, learned about it, done something with it and after awhile – you do know it – but not everything about it. – FACT.

3.  There are ALWAYS people around somewhere or historically that are better at it in some kind of way – find them and compare notes – TAKE AND GIVE – (like a sponge.) Let these interchanges and exchanges be open – honest – genuine and real.

4.  Learn to READ. Don’t care who you are – learn to read. Don’t tell me how much you know & spare the educational institution that sent you into the world like this – LEARN TO READ.

If you can’t quickly take in, understand, apply & convey the info you’ve taken in – (in a concise, understandable manner) – then – YOU CAN’T READ –  Comprehension is Reading. Speed and Recall are Reading Skills. Believe me, I’ve been here watching for quite awhile and it isn’t real impressive at times. Now, believe me – if I noticed this, then we’ve probably been the butt of jokes around the world for quite some time.

5.  READ Everything.  The dictionary, the package backs & sides on products – any of it – all of it. As much as you can – feast on it – accept it, take it in – allow it to awaken the curiosity and wonder in you – be alive.

Read books from the inside middle outwards. Start anywhere – find out what is there for your feasting. Take it and open the back cover and breeze through all of it. Check out the pictures, enjoy the fun of it because it is magic and it is way fun!

6.  Don’t know a word – look it up – see if it fits the rest of the material written around it. Don’t understand what is being said in a passage – then read it to someone aloud & ask them what they think it means.

No one is worthy the pride of not doing this & every single person is worthy of the effort of doing it.

7.  Your brain is an exercise machine. The more you use it – the better it works.

Save it for use later, monitor what little bit gets in so your brain won’t get used up and guess what – after awhile your brain is on permanent standby.

A situation will need you to apply your knowledge, skills, resources and figure out how to put it all together — STANDBY — is all you’ll get.

Your the one telling your brain to do it that way – so stop it. Tell your brain to get on with using its abilities on everything and it will.

8.  Application – this came from a book I read a bunch of times when I was a kid and it does really work —

when taking in any and all information, tell yourself to cross-reference these things with every other thing already known and that you add in the days ahead of you. No struggle, no force, no memorizing it unless you want to do that also / which works great!

9 .  Now – recall –>

well, you don’t need all of it right this minute, right? Of course not, so just get what you came for – “everything that in (a significant) or (in some way) fits with THIS  (whatever you are trying to find.” Ask yourself, your mind and your (energy) – (which is the effort it takes to do it) to find any and all references that match for you. (& it will.)

10. That’s it — you’re ready to go – it works on each and every language, databases, books, things, products, facts, dates, encyclopedias of knowledge, principles underlying math, sciences, technical and non-technical skills, life memories and creativity.

11.  And, where does creativity happen in all this – –  WOWSA – What A Question!

Do you know where you are? You stand on the summit of accomplishing anything and everything that you can imagine! (and then, some)

12. Obviously, not all things imagined are on the list of “within acceptable limits.” But you are now the keeper of your own destiny no matter where you are – up the ladder or up the creek. Only you can determine with the creator of this Universe what those acceptable limits are and their right timing and context and measure.

Me, I don’t decide that at all – I leave it up to the God I serve and the needs that present themselves as my allegiances have already been chosen. I serve the world as that is where I find the feet that are mine to move. I serve the nation of my birth because I have already chosen to do so and have given my oath to do so. And, I still continue to believe it is the right choice for me. My resources are mine to command as I see fit and as of this day – so are yours available to you. What you do with it – is not up to me – but I’ve got some ideas!  –  there is a project or two or 3000 . . .

This is a product of Cricket House Studios, 2008, written by Cricket Diane C Phillips 3-23-08 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The copyright of this is mine and for your use – any and all profits from this and other writings I have made available are mine. And, believe me, eventually you will owe me more than a favor if you enjoy the money from it.

Otherwise, please use this, distribute it to any and all people that could be helped  by it and remember – literacy is a weapon of power – use it wisely – it is your legacy and hope.