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GOALS – (for groups, teams, projects and contests of thoughts)

2008, Cricket Diane C. Phillips

3-22-08, Atlanta, GA, UXA/USA, 2008

1.  One at a time – offer what are these (GOALS) to be? (among yourselves).

2.  To determine the (GOALS) to be achieved:

a.)  what needs to be done?

b.)  what else needs to be done?

c.)  check to see & hear information that what needs to be done needs doing.

d.)  add other items, jobs, chores, errands, concerns and needs to list of (GOALS) that this added information has made obvious.

3.  Using determination of GOALS from the full sequence a.), b.), c.), & d.) above –

1 – Fuss

2 – Cuss                       {with team, project members, stakeholders, etc. . . . . . .

3 – Discuss

4.  Make a call for an open – vote on each & every goal up to consideration in the (HALLS) of the group (or in members of group’s leadership, if that is appropriate.)

5.  Count the vote for (Yay or Nay) on each & every (GOAL) in consideration.

6.  Take package of (GOAL) to membership that if affected ultimately by it and release information (on its accomplishment) decisions by whomever decided.

7.  Listen to understand overall impacts that are merited for discussion after the decision to accomplish it has been voted.

8.  Determine from among entire group & its members, the answers to these (two)

2 questions

1.  Do we need to accomplish (this) (these) GOALS now? Yes or No?

2.  Are these (this) GOALS of an immediate concern that is “Time Critical”?                                                                                       Yes or No?

9.  Which end of the field where I am standing holds the goal posts or any other goal structures that belong to the team on which I’m playing?

10. I, personally, determine how far I’m going to have to kick that ball to put it across that goal post struts.

Written by Cricket Diane C Phillips, 2008, Atlanta, (Marietta), GA, USA – 03/22/08