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Title: On Physics –
©2008 Cricket Diane C Phillips

Written by – Cricket Diane C Phillips, 3-17-08

“When I consider how many stars are in the universe, I find it hard to believe we have the energy problems we do.

There are physical forces and sources of ultra – energies that lay untapped. Every source we utilize now is based on the discovery of fire – it has not changed. We use it as the basis of virtually everything we move, convert or mechanically manipulate. Even the manner in which we harness electricity is an out-growth of that thinking.

It is no longer the use of fire and combustion that must power our society’s transportation, home and industrial needs. It is the use of the physical laws governing the motion of bodies and systems across the processes and physics of the Universe that must be harnessed to do it. Conversion principles are simpler, degree and precision of conversion are more effective, the cost is already borne by the factors in the cosmological aspects that cause them, and the forces are already in place.

Instead of (pushing) against the earth and her rotation to move – to transport – to convert energies, it would only take being completely still relative to the earth for an intense and immediate re-location to occur.”

Abstract I Notes & Comments – Robust System II, III – 03/17/08
Diane C. Phillips, 2008
Atlanta, GA, USA