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The Time For Music Has Come

by Cricket Diane C. Phillips, 3-14-08

When musicians gather and play music together spontaneously, a magic happens.

A dialogue is constructed that has never existed before those moments.

It mixes the adulation of the Universe and of being alive in our time with the sparks of passion as a creator and a participant in life.

It weaves the sadness and despair of times not as we would like them to be, together with memories and reminders of hope from one another.

This is to “jam” and to create on-the-fly in the moment – the new music of our time.

It is a historic day. Let us weave the music of its depth and magic together as musicians and as creators.

To awaken a new song – we need only to gather & play.

Take it to the limit. The possibilities are yours. Awakening creativity together is a song.