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Who Painted It?

Who Created It?

Why should that be important to know, anyway? What difference does it make?

It isn’t like buying a Michaelangelo, after all – or is it? What will it be in fifty years or in a hundred – anything? Who painted it – why was it created at all? And, how does anything that anyone creates have anything to do with you? Why would it?

I know a little about the people who create the tv shows I watch, that I like, that I remember. I know some about the soda pop companies whose products I buy occasionally. I know the paper companies that I buy paper from and at least a little about what goes into the products they create that I use. And, I know some of the names of bands whose music I enjoy and a few of the artists in our world, I know more about how they created what they created than I know of their lives. It is more important to me to understand their techniques and their names than whether they were married, divorced or where they lived or every inth detail from their lives. If I had the means to collect their works of art – the originals that they created or are creating, maybe I would act differently and be more interested in as many details as I could find. I don’t know, I don’t have that problem.

When I look at something, I don’t have to know who created it but I do want to know. I kinda want to know what went into creating it, but not always. Is it important in order to give it value in my life? Sometimes, it is. Do you need to know who painted it or who created it in order to give it value in your life? Does it matter? Is there any real difference between a Volvo and a Rolls Royce?

Written by Cricket Diane C Phillips, 3-2-08, Atlanta, GA, Cricket House Studios – 2008