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 Daughter Kasha was building a website for me and this is what she wrote:


Cricket House Studios is the creation of the artist Diane Cricket C. Phillips. Diane has been an artist for nearly half a century. Her work has been shown nationally as well as locally. Currently her work is available for purchase on ebay.

             Diane has struggled through out life trying to get her art out there. She has done many Art shows, Galleries and various other things. Eventually a friend suggested that she sell her art via the internet. Ebay was the easiest platform she could find that would allow her to access the world and get her art out there.

Diane also has several blogs, some that include The Got-No-Mo’-Money guide to good home living, Tips and Tricks for Artist and Youtube instructional videos on how to paint happy ocean waves. Diane’s current project is the Baby Crickets – trading card size that you can hold in your hand art and the Plant A Green Thing – Save The Sea campaign. Her small apartment has slowly been taken over by all the art that she does and that seems to “just happen”

Despite all this it would seem that Diane is still looking for “new and inoventive” ways to get her art work out to the people” She says. And that there never seems to be enough hours in the days to do all the things that she wants to.  But never less Diane has stated that she will continue to do what she does best and hopefully those people who want the unique, the wonderful and the completely original art will be able to find her and buy it.

By Kasha Phillips-Lewis, 2-26-08

“She is right – I have spent all of my life painting and creating everyday. My parents believed that before being born, a child would take in the information around them and consequently, intentionally subjected me to art and music before day one. That said, I have spent the better part of forty-nine years being involved with art, writing, music and creating everyday. Either we were studying it, talking about it, looking at it or doing it each day. It seems appropriate to me that my home is my studio wherever I am. There are pencils and paper even in the bathroom for writing and art pencils for drawing in every room. There are pencils in the kitchen, just in case and sometimes, I write, draw or paint at the kitchen counter standing by the kitchen window.”

“In every room where I live, there is art being created. Workspaces are everywhere for creating art, music, writing, sculpture and bits of different inventions sit here and there. The underneath sides of tables hold supplies and paint is always out ready to be used with canvases, boards and papers within hands reach to use. I have files of source materials and research for each thing that I do. Some is nicely filed and some obviously not because it is in process for something. I have to admit, though, this year I intended to stop creating and toss all of it out the door, but no! Maybe I should have and found something better to do that is easier but I didn’t, mostly because I hated to be wrong about it I suppose. Anyway, here I am again, fiddling with it – creating everyday and working to get all of it to the world that has absolutely no use for it. Sometimes, I wonder if any good will come of what I create. I really do.”

– Cricket Diane C Phillips, 2-28-08