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Golden Sunrise by Cricket Diane C Phillips, Cricket House Studios 2008

Soft light glows on the horizon slowly bringing the colors of the sea to life. First, the sky is the lightest shade of blue with touches of pinks, reds and oranges in muted pastels on any little touches of cloud in the sky.

Next, the blue slowly becomes a deeper hue in such a subtle way that gently everything changes. The ocean at the horizon becomes a sharper line of deep color and the mistiness along it disappears. The shades of color in the waves change also with each passing minute of the sunrise.

Beneath each cresting wave is a depth of color and darkness that flows into the surrounding water capturing little of the color in the sky. The angle of the sun begins its true ascent into the reaches of the sky. Depending on the relationship of weather, temperature, winds and position of view, the colors become more or less saturated into the distance.

On a cloudy day, there is more evenness of tone. On a bright sunlit day with few clouds and cold temperatures, there is more orange in the blues and more depth to the colors.