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My friends over time, convinced me that the only rewards in painting are those derived from doing it. I realized if that is the case, then I was painting the wrong things.

I love the ocean, the sky, the clouds, the waves and the misty haze of the distant horizon against the depth of the sea.  To get that from the paint is fascinating and I do genuinely enjoy it.

The ocean in all her glory and power tugs at me. It fills my mind as I play music and I feel it is right in front of me when I paint it.

I place myself at a moment standing on the shore of the ocean in my mind’s realm. Then, I paint what I see with all the emotions of that moment and this one. It is a very right now sort of thing.

Although my art hangs in collections across the country and in people’s homes throughout the world,  there are a variety of subjects conveyed in these artworks. Very few of them show the love and deep admiration I have for the sea that shows up in my current works.

I want to capture the essence of that moment standing at the ocean in all the complexities of color and motion found in the waves and sky.

To communicate the awe, the mystery and the wonder of the ocean that awakened my spirit in that moment is the goal of each painting.

Anyone who is fascinated by the many moods of the ocean will love these. Just as the ocean is always different anywhere it is seen and anytime – each artwork conveys a unique moment of the ocean’s character.

They are a perfect place for the mind to wander and be healed of worldly worries and stress. I love to let my imagination play in the paintings I create. I do when creating them and each time I see them. I love having art that I can hold in my hands.

The paintings I’m doing right now are small, trading card sized originals – slightly larger than a credit card. They are real art that I can hold in my hands and let my mind loose to play in the spaces created there.

The ocean holds mystery in its power and awe-inspiring captivation of the senses when I am there. When I paint it from my mind, there is an intimacy with that moment and an admiration of the sea that I feel as I move the paint around to form what I see.

This process has created the most visually rich and tangibly rewarding work I’ve ever accomplished. It truly is real art that I can hold in my hands and enjoy.

– cricketdiane


One of my ocean paintings –

CricketDiane OceanScape

CricketDiane Ocean Scape


May 2011 –

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Happy painting and creating wonderful things.

– cricketdiane

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