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Yes, it really has been a paperwork day. I thought if I get a running start on it, then by April or hopefully, March – I’ll have it organized so the taxes can get done and other important stuff. Doesn’t that sound exciting – yesterday I worked all day to fix the computer and today, it was paperwork.

I did create a new recipe today which was really good and way wonderful as a something else to do. It wasn’t a painting day, but music is getting done. This painting that I listed in the post tonight is one of my favorites. It reminds me of the songs I worked on this morning and inspires some idea of new songs and artwork to do tomorrow.

That means – I think painting did happen today, now that I think about it. That seems so long ago now. There was an oceanscape I did this morning that is laying there drying on the board. The little trading card sized paintings aren’t always done quickly but today it seemed right at one point and I stopped there.

If it isn’t quite right, I’ll work on it some tomorrow. I like the energy that today’s seascape has the way it is painted now – may as well let it alone and create some new ones . . .