Mermaid Diana
When is it safe to go in the water? When you see a beautiful mermaid like Diana swimming around, of course. She charms the teeth right off the sharks and pops giant squid with her golden tail.

In this miniature painting, an original sketch was done, traced, inked and then watercolor was added. It is painted on Arches watercolor paper with golden accents done in Prismacolor pencil. The watercolors used are Grumbacher, Winsor & Newton and Yarka. She is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches unmounted.

Artist Statement – “Yes, I know she has no nipples. I wanted a deco style updated with a contemporary look. Areas are left white for artistic reasons and give a clean, bright look to her. This piece has taken about six months to create because I kept coming back to her adding elements after working them out on other tracings of the same image on other paintings. Finally, this is the image I like the best and decided to stop where she is now. She has the essence of what I was striving to convey. I feel like she is about to move or say something or reach out her hand to me or flip her tail the way she is painted now.”

*The copyright of this painting and all images created by the artist, Cricket Diane C. Phillips remain with the artist. Thank you.*