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Most people get a sticker for their window that says, “Protected by xx Security and Alarm” or something like that. Then, of course, every month there is a fee for the company to protect the property by manning the alarms.

When you got no money, that isn’t realistic. So, to help the world of folks with no money, these are anti-theft suggestions and crime deterrents as stickers for the home, car and personal property:

*Already pawned everything of value.

*There’s a reason I drive a beat-up Ford.

*We were the 223 millionth American family to file for bankruptcy. What they didn’t take isn’t worth stealing.

*Ex air traffic controller – Ex postal carrier – go for it – make my day.

*Victim of impoverisation economic demographics. I’m poor. You can’t steal what I aint got.

*The government already got it.

*If you are looking for our money – the IRS has it.

*The credit cards in my wallet were maxed out three months ago. I was arrested at an atm for trying to withdraw my own money. The bankruptcy will be final eventually after my ex-wife’s lawyers are done screwing up my life. Have it all – your luck has to be better than mine.

*If you steal my checks or atm card – you’ll have to beat the checks to the bank just like I do.

*All our money was in a savings and loan.

*We down-sized. We’re doing without money, thankyou very much.

**We just paid our electric bill that was two months behind. Your timing is way, way off.

– by cricketdiane (Diane C Phillips)


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